Shake things up.

Tools include:

  • Boston shaker: That silhouette is a bartender favorite, with two stainless-steel pieces that seal extra tightly to curb spills. It’s also got a midcentury-inspired double-band details for extra grip, plus markers inside for common drink measurements.
  • 2-ounce jigger: This one’s also gleaming in stainless steel, with a beak-shaped spout for picture-perfect pouring, plus handy measurements right on the inside.
  • Hawthorne strainer: See that heavy coil spring? It’ll make sure only the good stuff makes it into your glass.
  • Muddler: Crafted from rich black walnut, it’s got a flat bottom and just-right shape for muddling your fruits and herbs without mashing them.

Snag the whole lineup, and you’ll have a winning gift for anyone who likes to tinker with drink recipes (or an A+ addition to your bar cart). Eyeing that shaker? You can get it all on its own, too.