We’ve got a great new recipe for making just about anything—and making it better. So when you told us what we needed to do to give the basic kitchen towel a Five Two upgrade, we got right to it. 36,000 votes from our community said it all: Some of you asked for towels that were highly absorbent and lint-free. Others wanted a design that was both smart and good looking. And still others weighed in, asking for a thicker weave that sops up liquids and handles hot pots easily. With our own design expertise guiding the process, we came up with not one, but two styles—a dynamic duo of complementary weaves that conquer every task you set before them.

  • A quick-drying flour-sack design: Ideal for glass-drying and crumb-swiping, this superstar leaves no lint behind and can be used for dish duty as well as covering bread dough while it rises. It also serves as a mixing-bowl stabilizer (just dampen it, set your bowl on top, and whisk away). Comes in a pack of 4.
  • An ultra-absorbent utility towel: Tailor-made for stopping spills, this plush and extra-durable design can also cameo as an oven mitt or trivet in a pinch (or use it as a nest for warm rolls or fresh corn on the cob). Comes in a pack of 2.

Both towels are sized just-right in a 20"x 30" dimension that got the most votes from our community. They’re also crafted in prewashed cotton, so they’re the most absorbent, best-performing towels around. Each features a handy hanging loop—this is a feature on many a kitchen towel, sure, but we scooched ours 15” over so it won’t sag on your counters or floors. With a design inspired by classic French windowpane checks, all sets include two different but complementary patterns—which is oh-so-helpful if you’d like to give each towel a specific task. (Mop up spills with one, dry dishes with the other: Instantly streamline your life).